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Premium All Purpose Cleaner
4 Refill Pods - Makes 12 Bottles


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Must have CleanPath reusable bottle.  Get one for free* here. (*just pay $2.95 shipping and processing)

Our incredible green certified multi-surface cleaning formula is back by popular demand!  Four refill pods of this eco-conscious everywhere cleaner are available for a limited time.  Each pod makes 3 bottles of cleaner! 99¢ shipping on all refill pod packs! Available in Sun Lemon, and Spring Fresh fragrances.

Made with naturally powerful, 99% plant based ingredients

 Non-toxic to aquatic life, readily biodegradable and PH neutral.

With 2X the dirt fighting surfactants of regular cleaners

Cleans any surface where it's safe to spray water like marble, tile, stainless steel, floors and more.