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Clean never felt so good.

Clean your home for half the price of other cleaners and use 90% less plastic.

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The Future of Clean

Once you discover that most cleaners are 90% water, you realize just how inefficient, wasteful and expensive buying cleaners can be. 

Well not anymore. CleanPath delivers premium, professional quality cleaners straight to your door for half the price of competing brands. 

So say good bye to carrying home heavy, bulky disposable bottles from the store that eat up storage space in your cabinets and waste crazy amounts of plastic. Clean has never looked this good. 

Why CleanPath?

1 = 6

Never run out of cleaner again. Clean with ease knowing you have 6 refills of premium, professional quality cleaners on the bottom of your reusable bottle. 

Cutting Edge Chemistry

EPA Safer Choice approved ingredients and fragrances means you don’t need to worry about the safety of your home or the planet.

Designed By Me

CleanPath is the first cleaning brand to offer complete start-to-finish product customization. 

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✓ Makes 6 bottles

✓ Starts at $14.95

✓ Pay about $2.49 a bottle

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✓ One Pod Makes 6 bottles

✓ Starts at $10.95

✓ Pay about $1.82 a bottle

✓ Two Pods Make 12 bottles

✓ Starts at $17.95

✓ Pay about $1.50 a bottle

A Note from CleanPath Founder Jason Foster

Jason Foster

Why start a cleaning products company? It wasn’t something I ever expected to do.

After becoming a father to my children Riley Bee, 4, and Adler Bay, 2, my brain was re-wired to pay attention to EVERYTHING around them, especially products in our home. Plus anyone with children knows, washing tiny hands and cleaning up is the new normal. We of course wanted to use safe, great smelling, effective products that we could trust and that didn’t cost a fortune.

But almost all the environmental minded brands out there did cost a fortune, especially compared to conventional products. Why should I be forced to pay more for doing the right thing for my family and the planet? I knew there was a better way.

You see, I am also the founder of Replenish Bottling, a refill pod system that makes mixing concentrates easy. I came up with the invention after realizing that most of the products we buy are 90% water, including cleaners.

By using concentrates and the the water already in our homes (the same stuff we shower with everyday), I could take the latest advances in green chemistry and sustainable packaging (Replenish) to help people save money and do the right thing for their family and the planet.

So now you know the inside story behind CleanPath. It’s my passion and the reason why my daughter asks me “Daddy, did you sell any bottles today?” We use CleanPath everyday and will proudly put them up against any brand on the market, eco-friendly or not!

Thank you for listening,